The Goal: A New Reality

Realizing the vision of a wholly transformed community requires committed individuals to act and work as a unified community. To achieve our shared vision, our energies and work must be focused in three main areas: resident engagement, economic development and housing. Strong, pragmatic action on these fronts is critical to realizing the transformation we seek. Here is how the mission of Vision25 is carried out:
Resident Engagement

Resident Engagement

Happy, healthy residents and a clean, safe environment are the cornerstones of a strong, vibrant community. The active engagement of residents to bring about necessary changes is essential to our community's success

With the purpose of improving results for District 25 residents and families, The Vision25 Resident Engagement Committee advocates for change and improvements for all district neighborhoods in the areas of:

The community alliance will advocate for change and improvements for all district neighborhoods in the areas of:

  • Safety
  • Civic participation and advocacy
  • Beautification

Resident Engagement hosts regular meetings for District 25 residents and neighborhood associations to share information and discuss topics of interest to the community. Voter education and registration are critical focus points for our team. Please refer to the events page for meeting dates and locations.

Economic Development

Economic Development

A robust commercial footprint is essential for creating and sustaining a thriving community. The development of businesses and living wage jobs within the district is a critical element for realizing the vision for District 25 and the community at-large.

To position District 25 to fully participate in the robust economy of Upstate South Carolina, leadership seeks to expand the economic footprint, drawing new businesses and jobs into its borders by:

  • Partnering with county government and other entities to promote business development in District 25
  • Partnering with local and regional agencies to create career training for District 25 residents
  • Leveraging "Embrace 85" project to develop and improve appearance of D25/I-85 corridor
Housing Innovation

Affordable Housing

The living environment has significant influence on the health and well-being of the individual, children and families. TO create a wholistic and inclusive community in which residents can flourish, quality affordable housing must be accessible.

Our efforts in the housing space are focused on developing and implementing a comprehensive plan to:

  • Improve neighborhood housing
  • Increase home ownership
  • Improve accessibility to public transportation