60 Year Celebration Vendor Invitation

District 25 60th Year Logo District 25 60th Year Logo Future Participants, Thank you for taking the time to consider participating in our efforts to celebrate the 60th year of District 25’s contributions to Greenville County. In conjunction with the three amazing, planned events highlighting the rich history of District 25, its present value, and its future readiness there will be a series of targeted events focused in the areas of education, financial literacy, health and human services, and much more. These monthly seminars, parlayed with Vision25’s community initiatives will assist and equip individuals and families with insight and resources to overcome daily challenges within the community. The businesses and organizations collaborating will be essential to the success of building and bridging the gap for a better District 25!

We cordially invite all eager participants to get involved with this tremendous opportunity to show your support for the community through District 25’s 60th Anniversary Celebrations by attending the monthly resources seminars:

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